Thursday, 16 April 2009

Pointing out that fat stupid women are fat and stupid is not actually a crime shocker!

Incompetent, witless, boot-filling, patronising, trough pig Jackboots Jaqui Smiff has let it be known that she is very upset indeed that exposing the fact that she is an incompetent, witless, boot-filling, patronising trough pig is in no way a criminal offence. Pretty soon, when there is an election, what with Her paper thin majority, massive unemployment in Redditch, public disgust at her swiiling at the public trough and her husbands antics, Ms Smiff will be joining the queue with said husband. Goody. Last time Ms Smiff appeared on telly looking misty eyed it was because the new London Mayor had told her Liebour supporting, incompetent, witless etc. Sir Ian Blair to sling his hook. I get the impression when she can no longer poke her big hooter into our personal business, she will be misty eyed again. Goody.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Good Christian Man At The Heart Of The Darkness

Since it was conceived at the start of the last century by James Keir Hardie, the Labour Party has faced no darker hour than it does now. The cult of New Labour was built on deception and dishonesty, greed, threats and political thuggery. The country has been brought low by men with black hearts and empty souls, who, with the certainty of newly enlightened 16 year olds, eschewed the Christian principles that made this country the beacon of democracy and tolerance that it had always been, and turned it into a place of anger and fury, of resentment and fear, of low standards and intolerance and of personal greed and waste. So now the country stands apart, mocked and ridiculed for its leaders pursuit of Mammon, despised for its lack of grace and pillaged by those who saw it as an opportunity to fill their coffers at ordinary peoples expense.

It is then heartening to know that there are a few good men of principle within the parliamentary party, they will be needed to begin the rebuilding after the coming storm, (and come it will ). Men such as Frank Field, late minister of the crown and a man who can still remember why He stood for election and why He chose his party. It is clear that Mr Field struggles to recognise the corruption and evil that rots the government, Cranmer believes He should cross the floor but I am not so sure. Good men of Christian principle like Frank Field must be on hand after the chaos to do what must be done, May the Good Lord guide him in his labours.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

If You tolerate this then...

Remember Tony Blairs promise of "whiter than white" government ? of course it didn't last very long. Remember too Gordon Browns promise of a new kind of government, having just bullied and plotted his way into the top job, the only PM in my lifetime at least never to have been elected by party or people. So what have we got here ? It seems that the party of government has been unable to deal with the large number of " right wing " bloggers undermining their every move. In the absence of top Labour friendly bloggers to compete with the leading Tory friendly blogs, especially Iain Dales Diary and the Guido Fawkes blog by Paul Staines. Now as with most good blogs these are not funded by any political party, they are not national newspapers and they have no outside influence. These are just the work of individuals free to write and say whatever they like without any restraint, and so good are they at this that many people, not always like minded, read them every day.

Clearly it is beyond the wit of Brown and his minions how this works. Last year the shambolic, disgraced ex lobbyist Derek Draper was brought back to pioneer an online rebuttal system to compete with " right wing " bloggers. The result has been a car crash. Draper is rude, ignorant and dishonest, completely unable to stick with a story and appears on TV looking unkempt and ranting so wildly He needs to be upbraided by the presenter. Much as he tries to deny it his Labourlist is sponsored by the party and so is doomed to failure, not that it is any good anyway.

So far out of it are the government that the PM's personal adviser Damian McBride, ( a civil servant by the way, ) started emailing Draper suggesting that they set up a Guido style blog called Red Rag, and use it to smear top tories with unfounded allegations in the belief that it would " destabilise " the tories. You can begin to see the problem already. I'm not going to go through the contents here but suffice to say government computers and taxpayers money were used to discuss obscene false and libellous allegations against politcal opponents. The emails found their way into Mr Staines posession and He was soon making it clear He was going to go public with them, a last ditch attempt to divert attention by publishhing a story in the Telegraph on Saturday morning failed and McBride was toast by 5 O clock Yesterday. A harsh lesson in the way things work.

This hasn't died yet, one of the smearees tory MP Nadine Dorries, a formidable backbencher is lets just say, incandescent about the story that was discussed about her. She is consulting lawyers about the matter and demanding an apology from the Prime Minister no less. Draper is bleating like a deranged sheep that McBride shouldn't have gone, that the emails were a private joke between mates and that Mr Staines should not have published them. Clearly Draper is an embarassment the party can ill afford to be associated with much longer, and the responsible minister, Tom Watson, is now in the firing line too. But what does this say of Gordon Browns judgement? the Prime Minister likes to sermonise to us about his great skills of leadership, and his statesmanship. These men are close to the Prime Minister, these are people He trusts. Last year the government lost a safe seat in a bye-election by crassly insulting the people of Crewe and Nantwich with a staggeringly puerile campaign, can nobody tell him this really isn't working?

Draper likes to put it about that Paul Staines is backed by the tories, either He is terminally dense or just plain pathalogically dishonest, whatever He really doesn't have a clue how it works. My hat off to Paul Staines for his magnificent coup, it was wonderful to watch it unfold, I wish I had half his skill.

Monday, 6 April 2009

1997 and all that # 1 Don't vote Tory because of the Health cuts.

So how about the next time some dribbling cretin of a liebour panjandram starts going on about all the wonderful things the government have been doing about ........ since the dark days of 1997, You just shut the idiot up with some well aimed dentistry.

The tories just don't care about health do they? Well I first moved to Stafford in 1989, one of the first things I noticed was the brand new hospital very near the middle of the town. My wife trained as a nurse there, (apropos of nothing so did Kenneth Clarkes daughter,) both of My sons were born there and generally it stood as an example of all that was good about the county town. So after nearly 12 years of Liebour ministry how did it come to be a national disgrace ?

I don't think there is any one single reason for it, just the drip drip of eye-catching initiatives that used to be this governments hallmark, until they started doing an impression of some kleptocratic banana republic, filling their boots while the country collapses around them. Meaningless targets, where treating cut fingers is the same as treating major traumatic injuries. pointless flagship legislation like foundation hospitals, pertinent here, which means nothing to real people, cut price cleaning contracts ( peanuts, monkeys You know the score, ) I could go on. In the end as any fule no the key to running a good hospital is well trained and motivated doctors and nurses, along with immaculate cleanliness, until they realise that there is where the money needs to be channelled this will continue. Dont hold your breath.

My MP Michael Fabricant says that in 1999 He was told by ambulance paramedics that in life threatening cases it was better to go to Queens hospital Burton, than Stafford, though He made enquiries at the time, He was "fobbed off."

They just don't get it do they?

So Britains new golden couple, are sentenced for their unwelcome behaviour in a South London supermarket. Tony " Rabbit Punch" Virasami and Antoinette " Skag Monster" Richardson, have received punitive sentences of four years and eighteen months respectively. So for the family of Kevin Tripp, who never returned from a Saturday outing to purchase provisions, having inadvertently got in the middle of Richardsons intellectual debate with another customer, this is what his life was worth to the great and good. In the meantime We wont have too long to wait until We can welcome them back again to the free world. Perhaps a reality show next " At Home With Toni And Tony " anybody.