Thursday, 14 May 2009

BrownsLabour, desperate, dishonest, shabby and ignoring the main story.

That was the worst ever party election broadcast, period. If those truculent looking idiots were real wouldn't they be pointing the finger at the parasitic clown that got them into this hole? Utter crap!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Speaker Martin is a disgrace and must go!

I don't know what He was thinking of clashing with Kate Hoey and Norman Baker, but Ms Hoey is an example of what an MP should be. The same cannot be said of Gorbals.

Moat Dredging?

Moat dredging? no wonder You voted against transparency!
Hat-tip Guido

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Why didn't You come to me?

I'd have done it for fifty, did You really need to claim for that?

Anything on the golden Balls couple yet?

Just askin' .

For those who like that kind of thing.

Here is the perennially gormless, perennial junior minister " Bernie" Flint, dressed in moderately expensive clothes in the Observer. Apparently She's very tough.
( Hat-tip Guido )

The Juntas useful idiots.

A depressing number of cretins pitched up on Nicky Campbells Sunday morning bear baiting arena this morning to call for that most ridiculous of statist projects, a national DNA database. (That is one containing the DNA of everybody in the country.) I have every sympathy with Jill Saward and I believe that nobody should have to suffer what She did, but tragically people will, database or not. Apart from the massive cost, the unwieldy nature of a project which involves collecting and analysing intimate swabs from over 6 million people, 99% of which are useless precisely because they have not and never will belong to anyone that has committed a crime. Leave aside the fact that the govern ment has yet to commission a computer tha can accurately store the names and addresses of the population of a small town, or even the corruption such a system is open to. You can also probably forget the hundreds of thousands who live under the radar in this country ( including many who may commit the sort of crimes which DNA is used to detect.) Or the citizens of 26 other countries who are free to come and go.

What sort of country do We want to live in? One where We are property of the state, to be bought and sold by unelected quangocrats? The police will find it easier to work with the profiles of known offenders, who will offend again, its why so many old crimes are now being detected, including The real killers of Lesley Molseed and Rachel Nickell. In the former case Yes DNA would have cleared Stefan Kizko, but He would not have been convicted had the police not lied to the court and supressed the evidence that would have cleared him, in addition to the lies told by a female colleague of Kizkos at the trial.

I am quite willing to give My DNA to the police in order to eliminate Me from any enquiry, and happy for it to be checked against any records they have, then it should be destroyed. As for Ms Saward I can't take away what happened to You, and neither will this, bad people will do bad things and will usually get caught, as in Your case. Politicians are not clever enough to legislate crime out of existance so don't try and attach yourself to them it can only make you look bad. The reason We are not fearful is because the chances are it will not happen to us, that it happened to you is a tragedy.
Update, I forgot to mention that I don't really warm to the juntas idea that We are all potential criminals. I certainly do not need to be protected by such dull and inept pillocks as are currently failing to run the country, I don't trust them and they do not own me.

Woolas, " I didn't, Oh yes I did "

But only because He was told to apparently. Incidentally I have to pay for My own food and I don't actually earn anything at the moment never mind £64,766 pa. I take it the telegraph wont be troubled by M'learned friends on Your behalf then?

Apparently She's very angry.

Oh really, I'm not surprised, being caught at it like that. Frankly I'm incandescent. By the way were the people of your Luton South constituency begging You to run for that seat, because someone else would have done it if You hadn't. Furthermore if You find it so hard You could stand aside rather than resort to criminality. You thief.

Just one question here......

.......MP's are paid an annual salary of £64,766. So what do they do with that exactly?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

" It could be deemed to be edging towards what is unacceptable"

In other words it's the most blatantly weak excuse for outright fraudulence. You are a crook and I am contacting the police, clearly this is outside whatever " rules " there are. Furthermore it being within the rules does not mean You have done nothing wrong. In the meantime lets see you and Woolas sue.

Anyone want to see......

.....Woolas actually sue the Telegraph?

When He said His father gave Him a moral compass....

....He forgot to mention He shoved it up His own arse.