Monday, 14 September 2009

Smug berk alert!

I've always considered Postman Plod to be overrated even by the standards of this lame and enfeebled government, He never has much of any use to say unless it is on his favourite topic, the tories. He was chiefly responsible for the "sainted" NHS policy of " Die in agony with no help if You dare to mortgage Your house/ spend all your life savings on treatments We won't provide for You." As for his treatment of the hapless Gary McKinnon, this is predictable and continues the Juntas tradition of victimising the most vulnerable. ( See Blind Pew/ Maxine Carr.) All of this trademark unpleasantness delivered with His usual brand of grinning boyish south eastern charm.

Nobody else seems to have mentioned this but yesterday mornings execrable performance on " The Politics Show" made the supreme leader look almost efficient. From the off He was armed and dangerous, ready to fill us in on the tories, their cuts, the tories, they are nasty, the tories, will ruin the "recovery". If You didn't know about the tories by now, well you soon would! ( By the way "the tories" have been out of government since 1997 is what you didn't hear, and the tories are not responsible for the state of the economy.) All good until the impertinent interviewer asked a question. The resulting train wreck was something to see. I'll not break it down here but some strange stuff did come out in the rambling responses.

He said, honestly he did, remember what it was like in 1997! I do remember 1997, very well, and very fondly. An economy that was booming, best employment figures for years, house prices picking up, that 1997. It wasn't all good however, the country made a grave error in my view, but then who wanted the awful tories to carry on spoiling the party?

He said, really he did , there is noone better than Brown to lead the country. So in the labour party they can't beat a washed up, raving, serially dishonest, obfuscating, incredibly unpopular nutter. If He is the best I can't imagine the worst.

Finally asked if He would debate the BNP, he was back with the boyish offensive, puffed up and smug he declared, " I havent shared a platform with a fascist in 45 years." Nice one Al! Small point here, you lot have been alienating so many people over the last 12 years, many of them haven't given a thought as to the wider policies of the BNP and just see it this way. You hate them take their money and give it to people they hate. The BNP, they think, is on their side, and against those who have always let them down. The BNP have direct unchallenged access to them, no awkward questions asked. So I say this to You Al, empty chair the fascists by all means,but if You don't share a platform with a fascist now and ask the right questions, you could find yourself sharing a platform with a fascist soon enough. ( He'll be the one putting a rope around your neck.)*

* I'll not weep for Your swinging corpse.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Coming Soon (ish)

After an unplanned break, I intend to overhaul the blog in the next few days. Much to say on Libyagate, and the governments, ( Browns, ) dishonesty (again).

Monday, 8 June 2009

So much for the country, so much for the party.

So as the workers of LDV join the victims of his ineptitude any hope of a fresh start for the workers of Britain is crushed by the feeble and spineless PLP, the country will stagger on bleeding and dying. As more lose, less will buy, more will lose and the economy will continue to fail. It seems that we can't be rid of the rotting human shambles, shouting, mumbling and dribbling, ranting and abusing dragging the once great bastion of the Britsh left to further ignominy, I could care less. Goodbye Labour, so called party of the people, you were never any use and you never will be.
I don't know if I'll ever see anything more pathetic than the PM being booed by the Normandy veterans on Saturday. The way in which the cretins of the PLP have used the expenses scandal as an excuse to spinelessly weasel out of their duty to the Country ( and party,) comes close.


A general election must be held on or before 3rd June 2010. There are now 358 days to go. Will labour cling to Dr James Gordon Brown to the bitter end? Will they change leader? Will they collapse? The countdown begins here.


I was pleased to see so many Labour councillors turfed out here in Staffordshire, and I was looking forward to turfing their MPs out at the general election. As he was not standing I was pleased that the member for my neighbouring constituency, Dr Tony Wright, an honourable man, would not suffer the indignity. A pity then that he made an arse of himself on radio 5 this morning.

Dr Phyllis Starkey MP, shameless lying get!

For chutzpah, its hard to beat this obscure nonentity, the member for Milton Keynes.

"The message from my voters is they like Gordon, they admire Gordon, they are astonished we'd think about getting rid of him."
Frankly I'm speechless, well almost, which voters did you canvas on this? Have You really been canvassing because I haven't seen a lot of it lately, especially from Labour.

Well you will just have to put up with it.

Well they'll be forming their own little club with their goose-stepping chums, and I should remind You whose PR system made all possible, if You bring that to Westminster you'll have them there too ( Alan "no balls" Johnson). They were your seats they took too, they are scum but you're not much better. Hey-ho thats democracy.

Well who's fault was it?

So the British Nazi party are now represented in the EP. Boo bloody hoo. So who's to blame? Who drew attention to them by making a big point of using tax payers money to organise counter-demonstrations? Who refused to allow the BNP a platform to expose their odious, ridiculous and unworkable policies? Who alienated the white working class male, their core voters? Whose fault is it that so many people are losing their jobs? Who insulted British workers, saying they were unskilled and lazy. Answers on a postcard to the BrownsLabour quiz. C/O 10 Downing Street.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will nobody rid us of this turbulent prat?

This is a very low point indeed, not just for this blogger but for the countries ( for there are four of us, ) as a whole. Never in the history of parliamentary politics has one man stood above all, smugly content to put himself before the people, his party, his friends and his family in the vain pursuit of his own personal glory. Gordon Brown is a vain, avaricious, cowardly, self obsessed, functionally inarticulate, bullying braggart. He is not only the worst person ever to hold the post of Prime Minister ( and First Lord of the Treasury), a role to which he was elected neither by party or by country. He is also the worst cabinet minister and the worst MP ever to hold office, he is utterly unfit for purpose, if there is nobody better to lead the Labour party, then God help the labour party and God help all of us. It must follow therefore that anybody not associated with this pathetically discredited (dis) organisation is better qualified to lead the country than anyone within it, fair enough!

The labour party is preparing itself for its worst nightmare, when Brown is forced constitutionally to face his worst nightmare, election by the people he has always held in the utmost contempt the party will face a pointy reckoning, the people of this country are indeed angry, furious even at parliaments disgraceful larceny, but they are more so at the ruination of their country. Last year the party suffered numerous electoral humiliations, the loss of Crewe and Nantwich stood out for the utterly crass nature of the campaign, particularly as the bye-election was brought about by the death of the redoubtable party stalwart Gwyneth Dunwoody, and the candidate was her own daughter. On Thursday the parties county councillors were turfed out en masse, as the country took the opportunity to give their verdict on Gordon Brown, they also had the opportunity to do likewise through the elections to the European parliament. ( As yet the results are not known but they should be humiliating to say the least.)

And yet on they go content to group themselves around their man, two potential leaders David Milliband and Alan Johnson have proven themselves unfit by their craven cowardice, the price they will pay will be far greater than the one they would have payed for showing backbone and wielding the knife, which may have saved their party and their political futures. Of those that quit James Purnell and Caroline " Bernie" Flint should live to fight another day, the latter undeservedly given her irritatingly sour demeanour and gormless performances on Question Time. Of the rest Jacqui Smith has no political future, some may live, some may die I could care less.

Of the great destroyer he continues to live among toadies and sycophants, listening to noone, trotting out his usual rehearsed lines we've heard before. He answers no questions and hides away from the ordinary people he so clearly despises, wickedly he glories in the financial chaos he has wrought with his greed and ineptitude, shirking the blame pointing at opponents as if it was their doing and reminding us how pleased he is at the suffering and poverty that he has overseen. I would say that for the good of the country, his party, his family and himself this sorry fool should depart forthwith. It would be the best outcome for what it is worth. If however He remains to the bitter end then so be it. I look forward to his unprecedented humiliation, and enjoying it. I look forward also to the utter destruction of the labour party, for allowing this caledonian clown to run riot. Frankly I hate You, I hate your lies, I hate your stupid political correctness. I despise you, I despise your dimwitted sense of entitlement, I despise your hatred of the English and your contempt for the working man. I hope your life does not become too dull not being able to order us plebs around any more, you are heading for third place but in time fourth and fifth are up for grabs. Take your regional quangos. your ID cards. your snooping and your czars, get stuffed and go to hell. As for Gordon Brown I would wish him dead but I like the idea of him growing old, despised and derided the man who took the whole rotting hulk with him. Good riddance.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

BrownsLabour, desperate, dishonest, shabby and ignoring the main story.

That was the worst ever party election broadcast, period. If those truculent looking idiots were real wouldn't they be pointing the finger at the parasitic clown that got them into this hole? Utter crap!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Speaker Martin is a disgrace and must go!

I don't know what He was thinking of clashing with Kate Hoey and Norman Baker, but Ms Hoey is an example of what an MP should be. The same cannot be said of Gorbals.

Moat Dredging?

Moat dredging? no wonder You voted against transparency!
Hat-tip Guido

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Why didn't You come to me?

I'd have done it for fifty, did You really need to claim for that?

Anything on the golden Balls couple yet?

Just askin' .

For those who like that kind of thing.

Here is the perennially gormless, perennial junior minister " Bernie" Flint, dressed in moderately expensive clothes in the Observer. Apparently She's very tough.
( Hat-tip Guido )

The Juntas useful idiots.

A depressing number of cretins pitched up on Nicky Campbells Sunday morning bear baiting arena this morning to call for that most ridiculous of statist projects, a national DNA database. (That is one containing the DNA of everybody in the country.) I have every sympathy with Jill Saward and I believe that nobody should have to suffer what She did, but tragically people will, database or not. Apart from the massive cost, the unwieldy nature of a project which involves collecting and analysing intimate swabs from over 6 million people, 99% of which are useless precisely because they have not and never will belong to anyone that has committed a crime. Leave aside the fact that the govern ment has yet to commission a computer tha can accurately store the names and addresses of the population of a small town, or even the corruption such a system is open to. You can also probably forget the hundreds of thousands who live under the radar in this country ( including many who may commit the sort of crimes which DNA is used to detect.) Or the citizens of 26 other countries who are free to come and go.

What sort of country do We want to live in? One where We are property of the state, to be bought and sold by unelected quangocrats? The police will find it easier to work with the profiles of known offenders, who will offend again, its why so many old crimes are now being detected, including The real killers of Lesley Molseed and Rachel Nickell. In the former case Yes DNA would have cleared Stefan Kizko, but He would not have been convicted had the police not lied to the court and supressed the evidence that would have cleared him, in addition to the lies told by a female colleague of Kizkos at the trial.

I am quite willing to give My DNA to the police in order to eliminate Me from any enquiry, and happy for it to be checked against any records they have, then it should be destroyed. As for Ms Saward I can't take away what happened to You, and neither will this, bad people will do bad things and will usually get caught, as in Your case. Politicians are not clever enough to legislate crime out of existance so don't try and attach yourself to them it can only make you look bad. The reason We are not fearful is because the chances are it will not happen to us, that it happened to you is a tragedy.
Update, I forgot to mention that I don't really warm to the juntas idea that We are all potential criminals. I certainly do not need to be protected by such dull and inept pillocks as are currently failing to run the country, I don't trust them and they do not own me.

Woolas, " I didn't, Oh yes I did "

But only because He was told to apparently. Incidentally I have to pay for My own food and I don't actually earn anything at the moment never mind £64,766 pa. I take it the telegraph wont be troubled by M'learned friends on Your behalf then?

Apparently She's very angry.

Oh really, I'm not surprised, being caught at it like that. Frankly I'm incandescent. By the way were the people of your Luton South constituency begging You to run for that seat, because someone else would have done it if You hadn't. Furthermore if You find it so hard You could stand aside rather than resort to criminality. You thief.

Just one question here......

.......MP's are paid an annual salary of £64,766. So what do they do with that exactly?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

" It could be deemed to be edging towards what is unacceptable"

In other words it's the most blatantly weak excuse for outright fraudulence. You are a crook and I am contacting the police, clearly this is outside whatever " rules " there are. Furthermore it being within the rules does not mean You have done nothing wrong. In the meantime lets see you and Woolas sue.

Anyone want to see......

.....Woolas actually sue the Telegraph?

When He said His father gave Him a moral compass....

....He forgot to mention He shoved it up His own arse.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Pointing out that fat stupid women are fat and stupid is not actually a crime shocker!

Incompetent, witless, boot-filling, patronising, trough pig Jackboots Jaqui Smiff has let it be known that she is very upset indeed that exposing the fact that she is an incompetent, witless, boot-filling, patronising trough pig is in no way a criminal offence. Pretty soon, when there is an election, what with Her paper thin majority, massive unemployment in Redditch, public disgust at her swiiling at the public trough and her husbands antics, Ms Smiff will be joining the queue with said husband. Goody. Last time Ms Smiff appeared on telly looking misty eyed it was because the new London Mayor had told her Liebour supporting, incompetent, witless etc. Sir Ian Blair to sling his hook. I get the impression when she can no longer poke her big hooter into our personal business, she will be misty eyed again. Goody.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Good Christian Man At The Heart Of The Darkness

Since it was conceived at the start of the last century by James Keir Hardie, the Labour Party has faced no darker hour than it does now. The cult of New Labour was built on deception and dishonesty, greed, threats and political thuggery. The country has been brought low by men with black hearts and empty souls, who, with the certainty of newly enlightened 16 year olds, eschewed the Christian principles that made this country the beacon of democracy and tolerance that it had always been, and turned it into a place of anger and fury, of resentment and fear, of low standards and intolerance and of personal greed and waste. So now the country stands apart, mocked and ridiculed for its leaders pursuit of Mammon, despised for its lack of grace and pillaged by those who saw it as an opportunity to fill their coffers at ordinary peoples expense.

It is then heartening to know that there are a few good men of principle within the parliamentary party, they will be needed to begin the rebuilding after the coming storm, (and come it will ). Men such as Frank Field, late minister of the crown and a man who can still remember why He stood for election and why He chose his party. It is clear that Mr Field struggles to recognise the corruption and evil that rots the government, Cranmer believes He should cross the floor but I am not so sure. Good men of Christian principle like Frank Field must be on hand after the chaos to do what must be done, May the Good Lord guide him in his labours.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

If You tolerate this then...

Remember Tony Blairs promise of "whiter than white" government ? of course it didn't last very long. Remember too Gordon Browns promise of a new kind of government, having just bullied and plotted his way into the top job, the only PM in my lifetime at least never to have been elected by party or people. So what have we got here ? It seems that the party of government has been unable to deal with the large number of " right wing " bloggers undermining their every move. In the absence of top Labour friendly bloggers to compete with the leading Tory friendly blogs, especially Iain Dales Diary and the Guido Fawkes blog by Paul Staines. Now as with most good blogs these are not funded by any political party, they are not national newspapers and they have no outside influence. These are just the work of individuals free to write and say whatever they like without any restraint, and so good are they at this that many people, not always like minded, read them every day.

Clearly it is beyond the wit of Brown and his minions how this works. Last year the shambolic, disgraced ex lobbyist Derek Draper was brought back to pioneer an online rebuttal system to compete with " right wing " bloggers. The result has been a car crash. Draper is rude, ignorant and dishonest, completely unable to stick with a story and appears on TV looking unkempt and ranting so wildly He needs to be upbraided by the presenter. Much as he tries to deny it his Labourlist is sponsored by the party and so is doomed to failure, not that it is any good anyway.

So far out of it are the government that the PM's personal adviser Damian McBride, ( a civil servant by the way, ) started emailing Draper suggesting that they set up a Guido style blog called Red Rag, and use it to smear top tories with unfounded allegations in the belief that it would " destabilise " the tories. You can begin to see the problem already. I'm not going to go through the contents here but suffice to say government computers and taxpayers money were used to discuss obscene false and libellous allegations against politcal opponents. The emails found their way into Mr Staines posession and He was soon making it clear He was going to go public with them, a last ditch attempt to divert attention by publishhing a story in the Telegraph on Saturday morning failed and McBride was toast by 5 O clock Yesterday. A harsh lesson in the way things work.

This hasn't died yet, one of the smearees tory MP Nadine Dorries, a formidable backbencher is lets just say, incandescent about the story that was discussed about her. She is consulting lawyers about the matter and demanding an apology from the Prime Minister no less. Draper is bleating like a deranged sheep that McBride shouldn't have gone, that the emails were a private joke between mates and that Mr Staines should not have published them. Clearly Draper is an embarassment the party can ill afford to be associated with much longer, and the responsible minister, Tom Watson, is now in the firing line too. But what does this say of Gordon Browns judgement? the Prime Minister likes to sermonise to us about his great skills of leadership, and his statesmanship. These men are close to the Prime Minister, these are people He trusts. Last year the government lost a safe seat in a bye-election by crassly insulting the people of Crewe and Nantwich with a staggeringly puerile campaign, can nobody tell him this really isn't working?

Draper likes to put it about that Paul Staines is backed by the tories, either He is terminally dense or just plain pathalogically dishonest, whatever He really doesn't have a clue how it works. My hat off to Paul Staines for his magnificent coup, it was wonderful to watch it unfold, I wish I had half his skill.

Monday, 6 April 2009

1997 and all that # 1 Don't vote Tory because of the Health cuts.

So how about the next time some dribbling cretin of a liebour panjandram starts going on about all the wonderful things the government have been doing about ........ since the dark days of 1997, You just shut the idiot up with some well aimed dentistry.

The tories just don't care about health do they? Well I first moved to Stafford in 1989, one of the first things I noticed was the brand new hospital very near the middle of the town. My wife trained as a nurse there, (apropos of nothing so did Kenneth Clarkes daughter,) both of My sons were born there and generally it stood as an example of all that was good about the county town. So after nearly 12 years of Liebour ministry how did it come to be a national disgrace ?

I don't think there is any one single reason for it, just the drip drip of eye-catching initiatives that used to be this governments hallmark, until they started doing an impression of some kleptocratic banana republic, filling their boots while the country collapses around them. Meaningless targets, where treating cut fingers is the same as treating major traumatic injuries. pointless flagship legislation like foundation hospitals, pertinent here, which means nothing to real people, cut price cleaning contracts ( peanuts, monkeys You know the score, ) I could go on. In the end as any fule no the key to running a good hospital is well trained and motivated doctors and nurses, along with immaculate cleanliness, until they realise that there is where the money needs to be channelled this will continue. Dont hold your breath.

My MP Michael Fabricant says that in 1999 He was told by ambulance paramedics that in life threatening cases it was better to go to Queens hospital Burton, than Stafford, though He made enquiries at the time, He was "fobbed off."

They just don't get it do they?

So Britains new golden couple, are sentenced for their unwelcome behaviour in a South London supermarket. Tony " Rabbit Punch" Virasami and Antoinette " Skag Monster" Richardson, have received punitive sentences of four years and eighteen months respectively. So for the family of Kevin Tripp, who never returned from a Saturday outing to purchase provisions, having inadvertently got in the middle of Richardsons intellectual debate with another customer, this is what his life was worth to the great and good. In the meantime We wont have too long to wait until We can welcome them back again to the free world. Perhaps a reality show next " At Home With Toni And Tony " anybody.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

What Allah Wants Allah Gets ( Or You Pay For Plod And This Is What You Get! )

So welcome home the Royal Anglian Regiment, to the good wishes of the fine people of the home counties. But while Your there why not march past a bunch of filthy, indolent, scrounging, beardy mosque-rats, and their scrim-faced scrubbers kicking up a stink, much to the disgust of any right thinking human being who realises that these good men are, after all, only doing their job whatever their thoughts on the war.

So are these stinking pigdogs incredibly brave as well as phenominally idiotic? NO! because they are only doing it because they are being allowed to, given the protection of plod. No doubt this is in line with government diktats on "equality" and "diversity". but without plod they wouldn't be there, because they would get what's coming to them, in spades, ( and rightly so too ). So these brave soldiers of Islam are effectively officially sanctioned on their bold jihad, and guess who's paying for this? well You the tax-payer (including the good men of the Royal Anglian Regiment of course,) are funding this verminous lot in the shape of benefits that amount to more than the aforementioned troops are paid in wages. And who is paying for plod to preserve the "yuman rights" of this scholarly lot, why the good people who's day was spoiled by their malodorous presence in the shape of extortionate council tax.

It's not the first time of course that weve been insulted by the government this way, a couple of years ago a load of them got animated about some satirical cartoons they hadn't seen, in a small circulation regional newspaper, they hadn't heard of, and gained official sanction to march through the streets of the capital, letting us know exactly what they wanted to do to us, ( beheading us mainly ), although nobody in the country had the spine to publish the offending items. Meanwhile Jack Sinister the then foreign secretary made a great spectacle of himself, soiling his pants in public whilst railing against the feckless danes. All this had the effect of sending me and many like me running to the computer to see what the fuss was about, ( not a lot BTW ).

Monday, 2 March 2009

Zimbab-UK#2 Do You Really Think You Will Get A Vote?

I'm not the only one who's been hinting at this, and if You look at the signs it's there before You.

The question is, after Brown has invested so much time and effort to get where he is without recourse to either the public or his party, how much chance do You really think there is that he will sacrifice all that?

Look at the reality of the situation, The country is in deep shit, in spite of Browns spinning nobody is fooled, by now if You haven't lost Your job or are not in danger of doing so, You will probably know someone who has. The government is responding by hurling ever larger quantities of cash at the banks, without any due diligence, the result being the banks continue to fail, companies are going to the wall or shedding staff in an effort to survive, less taxpayers, more defaulting, banks collapse, more bailouts and so it continues.

Consider this, The Civil Contingencies act (2004), is there to bring in in cases of emergency. It gives almost complete power to the state, i.e. Gordon Brown to effectively suspend democracy and crack down on dissenters, opposition politicians, journalists etc. Widespread civil unrest is expected this summer. The government can "create" a terrorist threat at any time.

Consider this, Soldiers returning to UK posts are being asked if they are willing to open fire on UK civilians. Now the army despise Brown who has screwed them royally, dancing to the tune of the old liebour who see the forces as a suitable target to exact "revenge for the miners" upon, ( this along with war on middle England is the sole raison d'etre of the remains of old liebour and Harridan Harperson,). Nonetheless, there are individuals within the army who are willing to shoot at anything they are told to, armed or unarmed, no questions asked, just for fun.

Ther is no election forthcoming. Brown does not consider us worthy of deciding who runs the country, He is right and We'd better get used to it and get in our place or else. Consider that plod has become the governments enforcer, and it looks terribly bleak. In the words of Edward R Murrow "Good night and good luck."

Friday, 27 February 2009

Humble Pie.

It stands to reason that the first time I go off at David Cameron the timing looks spectacularly inappropriate. For the record My condolences to David and Samantha at this sad time, also I would like to acknowledge Gordons touching little speech, for once, hit the right note.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm not apologising for saying this, these two knuckle dragging primitives, should never have been born, and its a waste of scarce funds feeding them.

When You hear that some unfortunate has been killed in South London, for the high crime of being in the supermarket queue by some syphilitic trollopes' undereducated, brain dead, wastrel of a partner in a row over queue jumping, then its time to start wondering if the death penalty isn't such a bad idea, even if for purely Darwinian purposes, i.e. cleaning up the gene pool. For some reason this particular crime has incensed Me, probably because I can't remember such a pathetically pointless act nor a more arrogantly random assault. I should point out that a violent and unprovoked assault as well, as is evident from the footage shown today, a cowardly one too, if it results in the victims death, is murder. The fact that Virasami hit the " wrong " person, is irrelevant, if the intended victim of this Sub-neanderthal half-wit had accused, one assumes correctly, Richardson, of queue-jumping, why is that an excuse? simple answer it isn't. If Virasami had hit the " right" person it makes no difference, it was a trivial matter and I believe "De minima non curat lex," so it should have been a juries decision, not a deal which insults the victim and his family. It should be said that the sentences will be derisory, and these two parasites will soon be back bothering the long suffering public and living off the state while the usual army of, liebour supporting, do-gooders make more excuses for them. A good man dies and a sick paralysed legal system fails to deliver justice, again. If Virasami had worn a turban and claimed to have hit an"infidel" in the name of Allah He'd have had the full weight of the law against Him, its time to wake up to the fact that their are bigger problems than a few bedwetting islamist fornicators in this land.
Update; At the time of planning this rant I hadn't realised that Virasami was black, so if anyone thinks any of this terminology inappropriate, can I say that he and his skanky hoe are a pair of knuckle dragging, parasitic, sub-neanderthal baboons whether they are black or white.
It also hadn't occurred to me that Richardson was a skag-head, and that their reason for being in such an affluent area was to fund her habit via the usual means, shoplifting. Additionally I suspect that a loser like Virasami is the type of person to use his race as an excuse for his being an utter waste of natural resources.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Plague on Both Your Houses.

Clearly the only reason that the Liebour filth ever introduced The Freedom Of Information Act was to give them the opportunity to expose Tory miscreancy. Presumably they felt in their high-handed way that nobody would ever find fault with such righteous and right thinking people as themselves, consequently the act has continuously come back to haunt them. The invasion of Iraq is the most shameful episode to have taken place in My lifetime, ( the Chagos archipellago aside, ) neither the Government nor, pathetically and utterly shamefully, the Tories can emerge from this cesspool of moral turpitude with a scion of credit. When in this enlightened age did it ever become neccessary to invent reasons or resort to xenophobia in order to start a war? I hardly need to mention the cost in terms of human life, or financially of this ill begotten misdeed.

So it comes to pass that the stateless, reptillian gauleiter and junta apologist "Judge" Jack Sinister, today hammered a gigantic ( and possibly fatal, ) nail in the coffin of parliamentary democracy by burying the truth about this criminal fiasco, away from public view. And Who should collude with the evil ones? Why the Tories of course! Flashman has finally reverted to type. Much as the painful humiliation of Jocky and co can't come soon enough, I can't see myself voting Tory until sackcloth and ashes have been worn over Iraq. Meanwhile Shrove Tuesday 2009, mark it well, another black day for this beleaguered land.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Zimbab-UK #1

So, its not illegal to con a big fat wad of tax-payers cash by claiming You live in Your sisters broom cupboard. ( notwithstanding the fact that the economy is in the toilet and thousands of jobs are being lost every week.) Because MP's live by their own rules.

Thats OK then.

You Sad Sorry Witless Pathetic Contemptible Mental Cripple!

If You havent noticed yet that this country is uniquely in the shit, what planet are You living on?
If You can't resign You could just try dying. Soon!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

An Open Letter To Lord George Foulkes Of Cumnock P.C. B.Sc. J.P.

Dear George, frankly given Your record You would think You would keep a low profile, obviously not. Well done for shooting that big trap of Yours off, yet again, this time over Jeremy Clarksons entirely accurate description of Your party leader and unelected first minister of England. First point, You say something should be done about Clarkson, I agree, He should be knighted forthwith.I was interested that You said that He had insulted Brown three times, calling him a liar, Scottish and one-eyed. ( I notice no mention of calling him an idiot, I suppose there are some things that You can't deny,)
Well George, Its easy for You who grew rich at the expense of English, as well as Scottish and Welsh workers to pretend to be angry, but there are really angry people out here in the real world, let me spell it out for You. What Clarkson said was nothing, nothing at all. We hate him, We hate You and Your freeloading ways, You don't have the right of outrage, You have no rights.
Also I wasn't aware that the Scots, who generally like to remind people of their Scottishness were so sensitive about being reminded of their nationality. Looking forward to Your imminent kicking next year,
King Athelstan.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Why is Clarkson apologising for telling the truth?

I find it very difficult to be offended by Jeremy Clarkson, I'd just as soon have someone on the television who says what he thinks and doesn't worry about upsetting anyone, in fact I get the impression He often intends to offend. So I'm mystified as to why he felt the need to apologise for his largely inoffensive comment on the dear leader, A one-eyed Scottish idiot, Since he has one eye, is Scottish and is an idiot I see nothing to apologise for. Frankly given the state of the country, his offensive remarks regarding the strikes last week, his disgraceful attitude to political opponents, his attitude to democratic procedures, his attempts to ride on the backs of the armed forces, his suspect temperament and his petty-mindedness, its pretty mild stuff. His one eye is a feature that is well known to all, the reason for highlighting his nationality is that he makes an issue of it himself, ( as well as signing the Scottish claim of right, thereby promising to put Scotlands interests before those of the rest of the UK, ) and frankly an idiot is a mild rebuke for such a monumental pillock. Of course it was a qualified apology, just the one eyed bit, Scottish idiot still stands. Anyway the mock outrage is a bit rich, given that Blair, Major and Thatcher were routinely attacked in the media, without complaint so what makes the Brown one special?

Listening to Any Questions last night I was treated to the opinion of Liebour PPC Chuka Umunna, who took incredible umbrage at Clarksons remarks and said as a licence-payer He didn't want to see Clarkson on the BBC. Well as a licence-payer I want to see Him on the BBC, and I guess I'll have to put up with Liebour sycophants like Chuka Umunna ( another one labelled as a British Obama, if You will, somewhat missing the point I feel. )

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Gordon Delusion ( With apologies to Richard Dawkins.)

Sometimes its just better to accept it, You were never meant to do the job, If You were scared to run against John Smith, God rest His soul, if You didn't think You could beat Tony Blair, You couldn't, then what gives You the right now. You can certainly talk , my God You can talk. You talk and You talk and You say You are right about this and You are right about that, You decry the tories, as if it matters, You tell us how bad it was back then, Yes it was bad for You, it was bad for You because You wanted to be boss and You weren't. It wasn't bad for Me, I was happy, sure the government were awful, but they were competent. This government is awful and incompetent, and We the real people suffer. It would be funny if it wasn't tragic, though I'm sure our European "partners" find it hilarious, watching this country go to the dogs whilst You make a fool of yourself and embarass us all. You were never meant for this and it shows, Youre a joke and not a funny one, Youre a fool, with no ideas and no integrity. The Army , by the way detest You, they have suffered from Your pathetic politically driven parsimony, their families have paid for your short-sighted ineptitude, criminally men have died for want of basic equipment, because of You, yes You! Damn You! Wives without husbands , children without fathers, parents burying their own Children ( at least You know how that feels,) and its Your fault. This is not a nice place to be, people were struggling against the tide of rising prices and rising taxes, and now they are losing their jobs, which were good jobs, some have had these jobs for over 30 years, do the maths, thats both of the recessions You talk about, when You are asked a question You can't answer, thats just about every day now. So what does that tell You? this is worse than those recessions, this is something We havent seen before and it happened on Your watch, You were the one who was there and that is what You will be remembered for, this is Your place in history. Books will be written about You. I can't imagine how that feels. Of course You could save face, do the right thing, go now, if not for You or the country, or the party You have discredited, then for Your family. You, however are too self- obsessed, too crass, too arrogant, too foolhardy to do that. So ask not for forgiveness it is Your own treachery that has brought You here.