Thursday, 12 March 2009

What Allah Wants Allah Gets ( Or You Pay For Plod And This Is What You Get! )

So welcome home the Royal Anglian Regiment, to the good wishes of the fine people of the home counties. But while Your there why not march past a bunch of filthy, indolent, scrounging, beardy mosque-rats, and their scrim-faced scrubbers kicking up a stink, much to the disgust of any right thinking human being who realises that these good men are, after all, only doing their job whatever their thoughts on the war.

So are these stinking pigdogs incredibly brave as well as phenominally idiotic? NO! because they are only doing it because they are being allowed to, given the protection of plod. No doubt this is in line with government diktats on "equality" and "diversity". but without plod they wouldn't be there, because they would get what's coming to them, in spades, ( and rightly so too ). So these brave soldiers of Islam are effectively officially sanctioned on their bold jihad, and guess who's paying for this? well You the tax-payer (including the good men of the Royal Anglian Regiment of course,) are funding this verminous lot in the shape of benefits that amount to more than the aforementioned troops are paid in wages. And who is paying for plod to preserve the "yuman rights" of this scholarly lot, why the good people who's day was spoiled by their malodorous presence in the shape of extortionate council tax.

It's not the first time of course that weve been insulted by the government this way, a couple of years ago a load of them got animated about some satirical cartoons they hadn't seen, in a small circulation regional newspaper, they hadn't heard of, and gained official sanction to march through the streets of the capital, letting us know exactly what they wanted to do to us, ( beheading us mainly ), although nobody in the country had the spine to publish the offending items. Meanwhile Jack Sinister the then foreign secretary made a great spectacle of himself, soiling his pants in public whilst railing against the feckless danes. All this had the effect of sending me and many like me running to the computer to see what the fuss was about, ( not a lot BTW ).

Monday, 2 March 2009

Zimbab-UK#2 Do You Really Think You Will Get A Vote?

I'm not the only one who's been hinting at this, and if You look at the signs it's there before You.

The question is, after Brown has invested so much time and effort to get where he is without recourse to either the public or his party, how much chance do You really think there is that he will sacrifice all that?

Look at the reality of the situation, The country is in deep shit, in spite of Browns spinning nobody is fooled, by now if You haven't lost Your job or are not in danger of doing so, You will probably know someone who has. The government is responding by hurling ever larger quantities of cash at the banks, without any due diligence, the result being the banks continue to fail, companies are going to the wall or shedding staff in an effort to survive, less taxpayers, more defaulting, banks collapse, more bailouts and so it continues.

Consider this, The Civil Contingencies act (2004), is there to bring in in cases of emergency. It gives almost complete power to the state, i.e. Gordon Brown to effectively suspend democracy and crack down on dissenters, opposition politicians, journalists etc. Widespread civil unrest is expected this summer. The government can "create" a terrorist threat at any time.

Consider this, Soldiers returning to UK posts are being asked if they are willing to open fire on UK civilians. Now the army despise Brown who has screwed them royally, dancing to the tune of the old liebour who see the forces as a suitable target to exact "revenge for the miners" upon, ( this along with war on middle England is the sole raison d'etre of the remains of old liebour and Harridan Harperson,). Nonetheless, there are individuals within the army who are willing to shoot at anything they are told to, armed or unarmed, no questions asked, just for fun.

Ther is no election forthcoming. Brown does not consider us worthy of deciding who runs the country, He is right and We'd better get used to it and get in our place or else. Consider that plod has become the governments enforcer, and it looks terribly bleak. In the words of Edward R Murrow "Good night and good luck."