Thursday, 6 September 2007

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is unquestionably talented, if she wasn't she wouldn't get the attention she does. Amy Winehouse leads a self destructive lifestyle, if she didn't the papers wouldn't be interested. Her father in law suggests that fans should stop buying her records, and the music industry should stop giving her awards, this it is suggested would force people to intervene and save her from certain death. I don't think that there is much of an argument there and anyway isn't it the case that what makes many artists so great is that they are driven by their demons?
of course there could always be an award for the best behaved music act. This could be given to Girls Aloud on the grounds that Cheryl hasn't beaten up any bog cleaners lately.

Random Thoughts Of A Guanabat.

Isn't "role model" a term bandied about by the type of people anxious to deflect attention from the truth that they lead the lives of sewer rats and have the morals of alley cats?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

From The Real World.

The death at 43 years old has been announced of the remarkable Jane Tomlinson, some six years after the original prognosis suggested. In spite of her illness she did things I wouldn't even consider doing in full health. What a contrast to the numbties purportedly running the country.

As We Sound The Retreat,

Well, just as the British Army retreats from Basra, not before time as I have said before, who should be putting in an appearance but our old chum Wobbly-Jaw McBroonski with some fresh guff about a new kind of politics. Er a new er kind er of politics, that is, I know perfectly well that McBroonski favours a one-party kind of politics, just like his old Soviet heroes. The truth of the matter is that the only kind of politics old clunking mouth is really interested in is the kind where he tells you what to do, and you do it. Not for nothing did he become Britains first self appointed Prime Minister, ( the Granita premiership perhaps? ), but as he guffs there is refreshing news this very morning that the country is not as bloody daft as I was beginning to think, as the latest opinion polls suggest a much narrower gap than before, 0-3 points, so no "snap" election then and no ratification for comrade no 1. NEWSFLASH !!! McBroonski just said he thinks he's like Margaret Thatcher, maybe they'll be carting him off to the funny farm before long. Is this the beginning of the Brown Splat?

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Basking In Reflected Glory.

Nelson Mandela is a fine statesman and held in the highest regard throughout the world. A statue of Mr Mandela is a fine addition to any self respecting city. Is it not a pity however that at 89 years old the great man can't be left in peace to enjoy his remaining years? Must he be dragged half-way across the world so that posturing, avaricious, lying, thieving, murdering con-men can try and gain some kudos from sharing a stage with him?


Clearly the governments doomed attempts to deport Learco Chindamo to Italy are yet another publicity stunt. Shame on the Tories and the press for dancing to the governments tune. I am not an apologist for a convicted murderer, but the government must have known that European laws they had assimmilated would make it impossible. Furthermore what would be the point of deporting him to a country he does not know and has no ties to. Chindamo may be an Italian national but he was bred in Britain and he is our problem not Italies. It's not madness, it's common sense, nor is it a matter of human rights. The government is not duty-bound to release Chindamo, it is shameful that they have cynically mis-used and manipulated not only Chindamo but also Mrs Lawrence and her family. SHAME ON YOU MR STRAW, YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

Friday, 31 August 2007

While McBroon Fiddles...

Another death in Afghanistan, more anger at the "treaty", another kid shot dead in London. The prison officers walk out, who can blame them? Judge Straw attempts to strong arm them, hiding behind the courts. Putin rattles his sabre at the west, The Shrub rattles his sabre at Iran, The Americans Stage a stunt arresting a number of Iranians on legitimate business in Iraq. More arrests in the Rhys Jones murder. The financial markets remain volatile. Oh yes, and five young boys stand convicted of the manslaughter of a 67 year old man.

People Die,It Happens.

I didn't do the Diana thing, I had the good fortune to be on holiday in Florida when large numbers of people completely lost the plot, never regretted it either. I had no problem with the late Princess of Wales, but I have trouble with the way people tried to out-grieve each other in such a ridiculous manner. Most of those participating had never met her, neither had I. Yes it was sad that someone died at such a relatively young age as it always is, particularly violent, pointless and wholly avoidable death. (I think you will find that travelling at excess speed in a car driven by someone who has been drinking and not wearing a seat-belt comes under the heading " To Be Avoided".) So why has the death of someone thought of as a force for good, lead to so much bitterness, nastiness and ill feeling? At the time the last people considered were those closest to her, that would be her sons. Acts of violence were reported against those who didn't want to participate in the national blubfest, and the haranguing of the Queen, (whos priority I would have thought was her grandchildren,) was nothing short of disgraceful.
And so it continues, as Egyptian grocers and ridiculous posturing barristers reduce British justice to a farce, some people seem keen to remember by dictating who should or shouldn't turn up at her memorial service, surely a matter for her sons, whether her friends or her own dysfunctional family agree. The only lesson from Dianas death is that nobody is immortal.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Here Is The News.....We Lost.

Its taking a little time to sink in, I think the great and the good and George Bush are in denial, but Menzies Campbell is right, We lost the war, We lost. Once you say it it becomes much easier to accept. Its been obvious for a while,the Abu Ghraib pictures were a bit of a giveaway, but our leaders feel that we can afford to shed more blood yet in this lost cause, this is easy for them as they have no close relatives involved, Brown hates the armed forces anyway, but the endgame must be drawing near. In the meantime We lost, get used to it, move on.

Monday, 27 August 2007

New Liebour Twazzer Of The Week.

Step forward Ms Jacquie " I smoked a bit of that once" Smith, Home Sec (for what it's worth). After responding quite well to the most inept wave of terror attacks in the history of inept terror attacks, She came up with a blinding response to the news that Britains kids have moved on from stabbing each other and are now shooting each other instead. She's going to crack down with......Acceptable behaviour contracts. That should have them cacking themselves! Well done Jacquie.
Honorary Twazzer for lifetime achievement, John "Two Jags" Prescott A K A "Prezza", "Two Shags". Former minister for Corpulence, Over eating, Bluster and Crass behaviour, achievements too many to mention but his career high point must be the "Mullet-Punch" episode.

Random Thoughts Of A Guanabat.

Are you satisfied with things the way they are ? Isn't it time to start taking the country back again ? Who said the country was McBroons to give away as He pleases ? Is it the job of local government to keep taking your money and keep telling you what to do, all the while blaming you and telling you it's your fault ? Is it wrong to be white ? to be English ? to be married ? to be straight ? to be a Christian ? Is it wrong or racist or homophobic to ask ? If so why ?

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Random thoughts of a Guanabat.

What is the difference between a Constitution and a treaty?
A treaty is what you get when a government commits to a referendum only to realise that the worthless unknowledgable scum will tell them where to go, so they decide to circumvent them.

While McBroon Fiddles...

Its been quite a week here,all the manafactured fuss over the courts decision not to deport Learco Chindamo to Italy (more later). McBroon showing his naked contempt for the electorate over the EU Constitution/Treaty, a matter for parliament not the country apparently after all what do us ordinary minions know about it ? The Americans kill 3 more of our soldiers in Afghanistan ( who needs the Taleban eh?). The Baboon the Americans elected president says that they mustn't pull out of Iraq too early like they did Vietnam!!! (So it wasn't because they were getting their asses whupped after all then?) And an eleven year old boy is shot dead in Liverpool, apparently by another youngster. I just wonder how proud the great man is when He reads the papers.

Friday, 17 August 2007

A Sorry State Of Affairs.

Son of the manse eh? Brown bounce is it? Well count me out thank you very much. As once Great Britain is gripped, yet again, with alarming sycophancy combined with tabloid driven mental illness, lets just look at the facts here. What has our new model leader promised us exactly? Any answers to the Iraq fiasco? No! An end to the egregious, cripplingly expensive, potentially monumentally catastrophic and frankly completely useless ID cards? No!! An end to Mrs Balls' ludicrously expensive, half-arsed, namby-pamby, tree-hugger friendly, HIPs, (Hopeless Information Packs)? No!!! ( Can't possibly upset Ballsy.) Oh we'll think about changing the classification of cannabis again as if it makes a difference either way, and we'll get rid of that crap super casino that nobody wanted anyway, Oh thats all the mess of the last 10 years dealt with then, just time for a few pathetic stunts like looking all stand offish when standing next to the Clown from Connecticut, (or Bush the Baboon,) and trundling off on holiday to Weymouth in a fit of (faux) greenery. Just do us a favour Gordy, next year sod off to your usual Cape Cod haunt and leave Dorset for the real people (and Oliver Letwin). It's not as if one more flight is going to make any difference, especially if the plane was going anyway. Still the holidays didn't last since Uncle Gord was heading back to take control of the latest foot and mouth outbreak, doesn't know the front end of a cow from the back but still it gives the impression of control,except that a little more control in the first place would have prevented the fiasco.

Exactly why Braun has become Chancellor of the Reich is an interesting question anyway. Apparently back in 1994 after John Smiths unexpected demise, our exalted former leader Blair the tight trousered,had a bit of trouble believing he was a shoe in for the job of "Prime Minister In Waiting, The Government Are So Poor You Only Have To Show Up And You'll Win." that he invited the dour Shadow Chancellor for din-dins at some dreadful sounding Islington restaurant and struck a deal to get Jock Broon on board in exchange for handing over the leadership after a few years when He'd had enough. Presumably just in case the party got cold feet and decided to hand the hapless tories a lifeline. So He's not wanted in England, He's not wanted in Scotland, from what I can gather the majority of his party can't stand him (but they're such a bunch of spineless, useless lickspittles nobody had the guts to stand up to him,) so we're stuck with him and his insincere smile so that those who failed in their duty can keep their "jobs", telling us what to do, pontificating, patronising and coming up with witless crackpot schemes to make our lives an abject misery. Oh yes, and if you have had your fill of this lunatic asylum and feel the need to spend a little time in a more reasoned gentle environment, There will always be some ludicrous NL clone, probably with a name like Millibland, jabbing their rotten fingers at you for having the temerity to mess up the planet by taking a cheap flight, ( never mind what China, India, and our best buddies the USA are doing).
A Sorry State Of Affairs will be continued, I also intend to profile as many of the half-wits foisted upon us by Blitler and Broonski as possible in the coming weeks.