Friday, 27 February 2009

Humble Pie.

It stands to reason that the first time I go off at David Cameron the timing looks spectacularly inappropriate. For the record My condolences to David and Samantha at this sad time, also I would like to acknowledge Gordons touching little speech, for once, hit the right note.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm not apologising for saying this, these two knuckle dragging primitives, should never have been born, and its a waste of scarce funds feeding them.

When You hear that some unfortunate has been killed in South London, for the high crime of being in the supermarket queue by some syphilitic trollopes' undereducated, brain dead, wastrel of a partner in a row over queue jumping, then its time to start wondering if the death penalty isn't such a bad idea, even if for purely Darwinian purposes, i.e. cleaning up the gene pool. For some reason this particular crime has incensed Me, probably because I can't remember such a pathetically pointless act nor a more arrogantly random assault. I should point out that a violent and unprovoked assault as well, as is evident from the footage shown today, a cowardly one too, if it results in the victims death, is murder. The fact that Virasami hit the " wrong " person, is irrelevant, if the intended victim of this Sub-neanderthal half-wit had accused, one assumes correctly, Richardson, of queue-jumping, why is that an excuse? simple answer it isn't. If Virasami had hit the " right" person it makes no difference, it was a trivial matter and I believe "De minima non curat lex," so it should have been a juries decision, not a deal which insults the victim and his family. It should be said that the sentences will be derisory, and these two parasites will soon be back bothering the long suffering public and living off the state while the usual army of, liebour supporting, do-gooders make more excuses for them. A good man dies and a sick paralysed legal system fails to deliver justice, again. If Virasami had worn a turban and claimed to have hit an"infidel" in the name of Allah He'd have had the full weight of the law against Him, its time to wake up to the fact that their are bigger problems than a few bedwetting islamist fornicators in this land.
Update; At the time of planning this rant I hadn't realised that Virasami was black, so if anyone thinks any of this terminology inappropriate, can I say that he and his skanky hoe are a pair of knuckle dragging, parasitic, sub-neanderthal baboons whether they are black or white.
It also hadn't occurred to me that Richardson was a skag-head, and that their reason for being in such an affluent area was to fund her habit via the usual means, shoplifting. Additionally I suspect that a loser like Virasami is the type of person to use his race as an excuse for his being an utter waste of natural resources.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Plague on Both Your Houses.

Clearly the only reason that the Liebour filth ever introduced The Freedom Of Information Act was to give them the opportunity to expose Tory miscreancy. Presumably they felt in their high-handed way that nobody would ever find fault with such righteous and right thinking people as themselves, consequently the act has continuously come back to haunt them. The invasion of Iraq is the most shameful episode to have taken place in My lifetime, ( the Chagos archipellago aside, ) neither the Government nor, pathetically and utterly shamefully, the Tories can emerge from this cesspool of moral turpitude with a scion of credit. When in this enlightened age did it ever become neccessary to invent reasons or resort to xenophobia in order to start a war? I hardly need to mention the cost in terms of human life, or financially of this ill begotten misdeed.

So it comes to pass that the stateless, reptillian gauleiter and junta apologist "Judge" Jack Sinister, today hammered a gigantic ( and possibly fatal, ) nail in the coffin of parliamentary democracy by burying the truth about this criminal fiasco, away from public view. And Who should collude with the evil ones? Why the Tories of course! Flashman has finally reverted to type. Much as the painful humiliation of Jocky and co can't come soon enough, I can't see myself voting Tory until sackcloth and ashes have been worn over Iraq. Meanwhile Shrove Tuesday 2009, mark it well, another black day for this beleaguered land.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Zimbab-UK #1

So, its not illegal to con a big fat wad of tax-payers cash by claiming You live in Your sisters broom cupboard. ( notwithstanding the fact that the economy is in the toilet and thousands of jobs are being lost every week.) Because MP's live by their own rules.

Thats OK then.

You Sad Sorry Witless Pathetic Contemptible Mental Cripple!

If You havent noticed yet that this country is uniquely in the shit, what planet are You living on?
If You can't resign You could just try dying. Soon!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

An Open Letter To Lord George Foulkes Of Cumnock P.C. B.Sc. J.P.

Dear George, frankly given Your record You would think You would keep a low profile, obviously not. Well done for shooting that big trap of Yours off, yet again, this time over Jeremy Clarksons entirely accurate description of Your party leader and unelected first minister of England. First point, You say something should be done about Clarkson, I agree, He should be knighted forthwith.I was interested that You said that He had insulted Brown three times, calling him a liar, Scottish and one-eyed. ( I notice no mention of calling him an idiot, I suppose there are some things that You can't deny,)
Well George, Its easy for You who grew rich at the expense of English, as well as Scottish and Welsh workers to pretend to be angry, but there are really angry people out here in the real world, let me spell it out for You. What Clarkson said was nothing, nothing at all. We hate him, We hate You and Your freeloading ways, You don't have the right of outrage, You have no rights.
Also I wasn't aware that the Scots, who generally like to remind people of their Scottishness were so sensitive about being reminded of their nationality. Looking forward to Your imminent kicking next year,
King Athelstan.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Why is Clarkson apologising for telling the truth?

I find it very difficult to be offended by Jeremy Clarkson, I'd just as soon have someone on the television who says what he thinks and doesn't worry about upsetting anyone, in fact I get the impression He often intends to offend. So I'm mystified as to why he felt the need to apologise for his largely inoffensive comment on the dear leader, A one-eyed Scottish idiot, Since he has one eye, is Scottish and is an idiot I see nothing to apologise for. Frankly given the state of the country, his offensive remarks regarding the strikes last week, his disgraceful attitude to political opponents, his attitude to democratic procedures, his attempts to ride on the backs of the armed forces, his suspect temperament and his petty-mindedness, its pretty mild stuff. His one eye is a feature that is well known to all, the reason for highlighting his nationality is that he makes an issue of it himself, ( as well as signing the Scottish claim of right, thereby promising to put Scotlands interests before those of the rest of the UK, ) and frankly an idiot is a mild rebuke for such a monumental pillock. Of course it was a qualified apology, just the one eyed bit, Scottish idiot still stands. Anyway the mock outrage is a bit rich, given that Blair, Major and Thatcher were routinely attacked in the media, without complaint so what makes the Brown one special?

Listening to Any Questions last night I was treated to the opinion of Liebour PPC Chuka Umunna, who took incredible umbrage at Clarksons remarks and said as a licence-payer He didn't want to see Clarkson on the BBC. Well as a licence-payer I want to see Him on the BBC, and I guess I'll have to put up with Liebour sycophants like Chuka Umunna ( another one labelled as a British Obama, if You will, somewhat missing the point I feel. )

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Gordon Delusion ( With apologies to Richard Dawkins.)

Sometimes its just better to accept it, You were never meant to do the job, If You were scared to run against John Smith, God rest His soul, if You didn't think You could beat Tony Blair, You couldn't, then what gives You the right now. You can certainly talk , my God You can talk. You talk and You talk and You say You are right about this and You are right about that, You decry the tories, as if it matters, You tell us how bad it was back then, Yes it was bad for You, it was bad for You because You wanted to be boss and You weren't. It wasn't bad for Me, I was happy, sure the government were awful, but they were competent. This government is awful and incompetent, and We the real people suffer. It would be funny if it wasn't tragic, though I'm sure our European "partners" find it hilarious, watching this country go to the dogs whilst You make a fool of yourself and embarass us all. You were never meant for this and it shows, Youre a joke and not a funny one, Youre a fool, with no ideas and no integrity. The Army , by the way detest You, they have suffered from Your pathetic politically driven parsimony, their families have paid for your short-sighted ineptitude, criminally men have died for want of basic equipment, because of You, yes You! Damn You! Wives without husbands , children without fathers, parents burying their own Children ( at least You know how that feels,) and its Your fault. This is not a nice place to be, people were struggling against the tide of rising prices and rising taxes, and now they are losing their jobs, which were good jobs, some have had these jobs for over 30 years, do the maths, thats both of the recessions You talk about, when You are asked a question You can't answer, thats just about every day now. So what does that tell You? this is worse than those recessions, this is something We havent seen before and it happened on Your watch, You were the one who was there and that is what You will be remembered for, this is Your place in history. Books will be written about You. I can't imagine how that feels. Of course You could save face, do the right thing, go now, if not for You or the country, or the party You have discredited, then for Your family. You, however are too self- obsessed, too crass, too arrogant, too foolhardy to do that. So ask not for forgiveness it is Your own treachery that has brought You here.