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Not implying anything here of course.

Blimey!!! What Next?

A bit late for this one, I know. What I don't know is what to make of this one, McBroon is certainly an out of control, deluded maniac, but surely He would have known this would blow up in His face if He tried it. Is this somebody trying to humiliate the government? If so they may well have succeeded. If it was an attempt to intimidate or undermine the Tories, it has been a spectacular catastrophe. What does disturb me is the failure of anyone at Liebour to condemn this, forget the desperate state of the party what are You without principles?

Oh by the way, I noticed Liebour were advertising on My blog this morning what are they trying to achieve by this?

Thursday, 27 November 2008

GMB Union Meeting Last Night, Subject Redundancies.

Talk switched to the VAT cut to 15%. Much derision. These are ordinary working blokes by the way, the sort McBroon, Blears, Darling et al "understand".

What McBroon Means

Gurning, grinning in a wierd and inappropriate way, ranting furiously and incoherently, chanting phrases repeatedly like some kind of comfort blanket, the booby hatch beckons for the dear leader. Anyway heres a list of some of His favourite phrases and what they really mean

These are global problems; I've made a mess of things and I need to shift the blame so I don't look like a dickhead.

It started in America; I need to push the blame somewhere and America is quite unpopular so I might not look like a dickhead

No 15% interest rates like the 1990's; If I can make it look like things could be worse maybe people will not notice that I look like a dickhead.

Youre not fit to be the opposition; I don't want to talk to You because You are much too clever and will make Me look like a dickhead.

I'm just getting on with the job; I'm not going to answer your questions as I may end up looking like a dickhead.

Its a shame they are playing party politics with this matter; Blimey thats a good question! I didn't expect that one, I'd better make You look unreasonable or I could end up looking like a dickhead.

King Of The Cretins

If the increasingly disturbing behaviour of the supreme leader Jocky McBroon was not disturbing enough, the behaviour of what used to be the Liebour party is becoming increasingly unhinged. They were at it again yesterday when a speech by Gideon was a cue for a load of besuited mongs to start running around the government benches gurning , shrieking, making odd faces and gesticulating. Speaker Martin gave up. Just thought I'd mention that people are losing their jobs, houses, savings here, everything they worked for doing real jobs and paying punitive taxes for McDingbat and the dingettes to waste on increasingly quixotic projects. But I may have the answer, the motley collection of public schoolboys and girls/ Oxbridge graduates,( "Toffs", if You will,) that make up the rump of the PLP these days need to reinforce their "working class" credentials, by indulging in a spot of class war with the Tories. I fear they are trying to behave like "us", they are trying to look like "ordinary people". Sad? yes, pathetic? definitely, laughable? well maybe. I fear they may have been boning up by watching Tricia and Jeremy Kyle

Monday, 24 November 2008

Yayyyy! VAT Down 2.5%

That should do it! cant wait to pay for savings on the stuff I won't be buying with higher national insurance contributions (supposing I still have a job,) no chance of paying higher rate tax with the complete lack of overtime.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cretins Of The Week.

Slow week, the most outstanding effort came from Liebour sycophant David Aaronovitch in the Times. In what was largely a good article by His standards, He spoiled it when launched a defence of Sharon "Pie Chart" Shoesmith, against the angry public, who tend to get a little irate when human fetulence tortures and murders innocent children under the noses of their supposed protectors. It was the lack of contrition and the excuses David. Not to mention the attitude that little Peter didn't really matter in the bigger picture.

Must mention the unwelcome appearance of Patricia "Doctor Death" Hewitt on the Politics Show, sounding like a primary school teacher admonishing a 5 year old child, She lectured on the need to do more to prevent smoking, plain packets, sold under the counter (with the illegal porn?) poke customers with a sharp stick, make smokers wear a silly hat etc. There comes a time when You are flogging a dead horse, it is a persons right to smoke if they want to, You will not persuade a single person to give up this way. Besides there is no attempt to address the increasing number of people smoking Barlinnie thinnies.


Just had the misfortune to catch McBroons party political broadcast, on behalf of the McBroon party (its all about Him these days,) in the form of an interview on BBCs Politics Show. If I didn't know We were in trouble before I certainly do now. It was an absolute nightmare to watch. Brown sat and chanted His mantra blundering through any attempt to answer a question, if the interviewer got a question in He was met with a non-answer. Most of these were references to the 1990s recession, and 15 and 18% interest rates (mentioned at least 5 times.) I can not remember paying such a rate , I would have lost My home if I had I am sure, I can remember tat wih hard work and a little austerity I survived quite easily. I have no such confidence now. Also He lost no opportunity to remind us that problems were global (lost count,) no use to the people whose problems are very local. McBroon was quite extraordinary, He seems to have not the slightest idea what is going on around Him. He speaks of People building up assets during the boom in addition to their houses, that will get them through, and lower interest rates ( forgetting the higher capital on many houses set against plummeting house prices,) than the 15% and 18% interests He clings desperately to repeating them over and over. He hasn't worked out that people have already lost their jobs, are already having their houses reposessed, will not be there to help out with His future tax rises. His bail-out of the banks has failed, the banks have cut and run with the money. All of this was punctuated with wierd and inaprpriate grins. I fear the man is blissfully unaware of the depth of the problems in front of Him. Someone needs to wake up to this, someone needs to tell Him that things are already bad, someone needs to tell Him that people are already in defensive mode, that they are not about to start spending money just because He wants them to.

We can't continue anymore to pretend that He has the answers. Its time to stand up when He lies, stand up when He bullies, stand up when He makes statements that He can't back up. This concerns everybody, left, right, Labour, Tory, Lib Dem. Its beyond party politics now, its much more serious than that, the future of the country is at stake, do not leave it in this mans hands.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Turds Of The Month

The deluded mental state of the self appointed First Minister of England, is reaching disturbing proportions. His shameful performance at PMQ's was apparently due to His being all ready to give Flashman a good whupping on the economy.( How exactly? The economy is in the toilet and He put it there.) He took an unexpected and well aimed opening shot, and was then exposed as being completely unaware of the public mood. This resulted in a typical display of huffery from Him. What He had wanted to do was get in his idle oft-used dig about black Wednesday (16 years ago now, ) 15% interest rates (complete and utter shameless lie, ) and Camerons role. (Did He even have one? ) Ladies and Gentlemen if this is what the Supreme leader has to offer us then God help us one and all. His brainlessness hasd spoken on Gideons delayed attack on his mismanagement, This is "talking down the economy", (It is down, up to 99 people where I work are about to lose their jobs, how down do You need it to be? ) even more risibly it's playing politics. Am I missing something here? playing politics? Gideon is the Shadow Chancellor, of course He is playing politics You berk! That is His job. You spent all Your early years in parliament playing politics, shamelessly voting against every government bill for political reasons whether it was party policy or not e.g. Europe. You are the Worst person ever to hold the Office of Prime Minister and the worst Prime Minister, go to Hell, and take that bloody great chip You carry around with You. There are many people who have struggled in life and You are not one of them. By the way Nick Clegg is a better man than You because He stood for election.

Cretins Of The Week.

Another week another casually racist slur against the people of England. I can't be 100% on this one, but fingers are pointing at one Ron Davies late First Minister of Wales, being responsible for advice to Caerphilly council to be careful when using the word British as it may be offensive to Welsh, Irish and Scottish people, implying an inclusiveness that doesn't exist. (Too bloody right it does!!!). No mention here of the English, of course, as British is now no more than a derogatory term used to beat the English with. Why not go the whole ten yards and mention that it might offend the many people who come and live in this country due to our generosity and hospitality. Get thee back to Hampstead Heath Ron, there will be a price to pay for this one day soon.

(Incidentally if anyone can supply Me with a copy of said leaflet, let Me know.)

Also no less than 61 headteachers in the Borough of Haringey, demonstrating a strong sense of where their priorites lie, have signed a letter in defence of Self-serving, parasitic, unapologetic, arrogant cow Sharon Shoesmith, right, chief pie-chart maker at Haringey social services. So where do the interests of children lie with this lot? Shoesmith is toast, though She'll be handsomely remunerated for Her failure no doubt. ( A list of the 61 will be published here when I get hold of it.)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Some More Points On Yesterday

I don't think I will say this very often but credit to speaker Martin, for looking suitably appalled by behaviour on the government benches, and reminding them of what was being discussed.

The Simian parties feeble damage limitation came in the shape of Oily Balls arriving at the BBC for a cosy chat, He still had that shit-eating grin on His face, as He belatedly answered Camerons question, tried some point scoring and then left under the door. It seems that the BBC not parliament is the correct place to do such things.

I have to agree with Fraser Nelson that Blair would have handled this easily. As to Camerons opening shot, why does McBroon always look so pleased with Himself? He caused this with His policies, now people are losing their jobs does He really think that they want to see the architect of their misfortune beaming about it?

Mitch Mitchell (9/7/1947-12/11/2008)

John "Mitch" Mitchell, drummer and last surviving member of The Jimi Hendrix Experience has died in Portland, Oregon aged 61. Afine drummer who formed a great rhythm section with Noel Redding, condolences to His family and friends.

Exactly How Inappropriate Was That?

The trouble with starting something like this is that for a few days when You are too busy at work, things can move rather rapidly. Nonetheless, nothing has quite made the news more than the despicable murder, for thats what it was, of a young child in Haringey. The manner in which this horror unfolded has demonstrated the utter contempt in which the electorate is now held, in particular by the foetid corpse of this so-called government. It seems that We must now be so used to this that We will acceptthe casual report of a grisly crime, in a matter-of-fact manner, the substitution of a charge of allowing the death of a child, instead of murder for the perpetrators, and pathetically inadequate sentences where full life terms would be the only acceptable punishment. However the crowning insult has been the ludicrous self-investigation by Haringey council, famous You will of course remember for overlooking the savage murder of Victoria Clmbie, whereupon lessons were of course learned. The result of this has been a couple of written warnings and a No mea culpa from one Sharon Shoesmith the well remunerated Head of department, who we will be pleased to be informed is certainly not resigning. Fine but does someone not have the power to sack this contemptible bitch? or are sackings reserved for people struggling in real jobs in the real world? Not perhaps for something as trivial as negligently allowing the torture and brutal murder of an innocent child.
Naturally the public have been underestimated again, anger and outrage is the response, a mood clearly caught by David Cameron as He rose for PMQ's yesterday. Enquiring as to what the Supreme Being intended to do about it, He was met with an astonishing array of shrieks, catcalls and howls from the government benches. This You would recall was a question regarding the brutal murder of an innocent child that had sickened the country. Now its not the first time the parliamentary Labour party have behaved like chimpanzees and baboons at the most inappropriate of times. Have this sorry mob been collectively struck down by some psychotic disease of the mind? Have they not a little shame?
But it got worse, unable to fend Cameron off with His pre-written statement, He reverted to type. Unable to give an answer He accused Mr Cameron of playing party politics. Pathetic. Contemptible. Disgraceful. Some of the faces around Him said it all, He was given the opportunity to withdraw His outrageous slur, but that takes moral fibre and He, as We have known for a long time, has none. So He has dragged His office ever lower in His arrogant contempt for the people He claims to serve, another day of shame, when will it end?

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Colour Brown

The unelected and unwanted Prime Ministers performance at PMQ's today marked a new low in the history of politics in this country. What a sorry excuse for a human being He really is. This blog will now declare Him an un-person.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Liebour party nonentity Jack Dromey, best known for being married to minister in charge of man-baiting, Harridan Harman, has been complaining about the "terrifying" attack on Their home by Fathers4Justice. Whilst I can't imagine it having been any worse than what He is used to on a daily basis, I somewhat agree that certain things should remain private. Just keep the old lady out of our Homes eh Jack!

Remembrance Sunday 2008
Not the appropriate place to comment on the rights and wrongs of government policy nor the attitude of some institutions in this country to those who serve.
Please take time today to pause and reflect and remember to wear Your poppy with pride.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Not looking an utter pillock.

Nice to see Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader on question time giving His usual assured performance. He managed to shrug off Dimblebys suggestion that there was something more sinister ( i.e. racist ) about his party. However the battle with the more extremist elements does seem to have damaged His sense of humour a little, whilst I sympathise with UKIPs position on the unwieldy fiasco the EU has become, I can't help thinking there is a better use for His talents away from said fiasco.

The love-in continues.

Oddbornes been at it again, turning out sycophantic puff pieces for Jocky in the Mail. Apparently the Glenrothes My-Dads-bigger-than-Your-Dad contest between Salmond and McBroon is in some way an indicator that the Jocksters been rehabilitated south of the border, what with His performance in the financial crisis and all that. In fact We could even be talking the E word here, given that He's closed the gap on the Tories apparently and then there was Gideon on that yacht and You know. I don't want to be the one to urinate on the frites here but the dear leader is lagging a little in the polls yet, and given that He couldn't quite manage to
stand for the leadership of the party when there was no real alternative, nor when the alternative was John Smith (RIP,) not much real chance of Him taking the risk of being sent hameward tae think again now is there? Whatevers going on up in Scotland between Liebour and the SNP has little to do with English voters, but there was clearly more to it than who gets to come down to Westminster and pass laws over the English, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah rights then to McBroon and co. Meanwhile there is a small matter of a situation spiralling rapidly out of control with Christmas fast approaching and people losing their jobs or working increasingly short hours, if I was Jocky I'd be visiting with My mates in the middle east or phoning up the president-elect to see how Hes fixed for Christmas, don't want those nouveau homeless chucking their turkey twizzlers at Him.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Cretins Of The Week.

1. Fanny Squeers, of course.

2. The imbecilic, adolescent dick-head on Question time last night, who in an attempt to justify His belief that the fuss over the Ross-Brand fiasco was somewhat overblown, indeed it was, suggested that Andrew Sachs deserved little sympathy as his portrayal of "Manuel" created a stereotype. I hardly know where to begin on this one, leaving aside the fact that the character, a nervous catalonian waiter living in fear of his maniacal, pompous little Englander employer, was not the butt of the joke. Forgetting that the character was created by John Cleese and Connie Booth. This twerp clearly didn't realise that Sachs, a German Jew by birth, who fled Berlin in the 30's knows all there is to know about real bigotry and intolerance. Go and play with your train set kiddy.

3. Whoever called the Glenrothes by-election for the SNP.

4. Also Smiffy, still flogging the "plastic poll tax"( Iain Dale,) which apparently we can't wait for. Of course not dear.

Planet Liebour

I decided to have another go at this blog after reading the comments of New Liebour mentallist harridan Hazel "Fanny Squeers" Blears. Who seems to have missed the point somewhat in Her tirade against internet blogging suggesting that ordinary people with computers have no business writing beastly stuff about our betters, ie cabinet ministers, who have a difficult job extracting our hard earned cash and micro-managing every aspect of our lives. Of course, far be it from Me to point out anything like what an utter berk She looks every time She goes on Question Time, spouting the usual party crap and trying to score points by chiming in with infantile remarks ,then looking very pleased with herself, but that would be beneath Me. Apparently She is none to chuffed bless Her little mittens. that so much time is being spent on digging up political miscreancy. Well much as I am loath to cause the good lady any more grief, She can get stuffed I feel that what follows may be somewhat unkind to Her and Her chums.

I don't know if the Glenrothes result was a sign that McBroon is making a comeback, or a sign of disillusionment with the SNP, a case of people casting their votes for a respected local candidate or whether Koko the monkey would have won if He'd turned up in a red rosette chuntering about Keir Hardie and Ramsey MacDonald. To be perfectly honest it doesn't matter because there is no way McBroon is planning on calling an election because He doesn't think He needs to inconvenience us with the nagging element of choice. By the way do You think, as the Dear Leader would have us believe that the financial crisis is over? If so where do You work?