Monday, 8 June 2009

So much for the country, so much for the party.

So as the workers of LDV join the victims of his ineptitude any hope of a fresh start for the workers of Britain is crushed by the feeble and spineless PLP, the country will stagger on bleeding and dying. As more lose, less will buy, more will lose and the economy will continue to fail. It seems that we can't be rid of the rotting human shambles, shouting, mumbling and dribbling, ranting and abusing dragging the once great bastion of the Britsh left to further ignominy, I could care less. Goodbye Labour, so called party of the people, you were never any use and you never will be.
I don't know if I'll ever see anything more pathetic than the PM being booed by the Normandy veterans on Saturday. The way in which the cretins of the PLP have used the expenses scandal as an excuse to spinelessly weasel out of their duty to the Country ( and party,) comes close.


A general election must be held on or before 3rd June 2010. There are now 358 days to go. Will labour cling to Dr James Gordon Brown to the bitter end? Will they change leader? Will they collapse? The countdown begins here.


I was pleased to see so many Labour councillors turfed out here in Staffordshire, and I was looking forward to turfing their MPs out at the general election. As he was not standing I was pleased that the member for my neighbouring constituency, Dr Tony Wright, an honourable man, would not suffer the indignity. A pity then that he made an arse of himself on radio 5 this morning.

Dr Phyllis Starkey MP, shameless lying get!

For chutzpah, its hard to beat this obscure nonentity, the member for Milton Keynes.

"The message from my voters is they like Gordon, they admire Gordon, they are astonished we'd think about getting rid of him."
Frankly I'm speechless, well almost, which voters did you canvas on this? Have You really been canvassing because I haven't seen a lot of it lately, especially from Labour.

Well you will just have to put up with it.

Well they'll be forming their own little club with their goose-stepping chums, and I should remind You whose PR system made all possible, if You bring that to Westminster you'll have them there too ( Alan "no balls" Johnson). They were your seats they took too, they are scum but you're not much better. Hey-ho thats democracy.

Well who's fault was it?

So the British Nazi party are now represented in the EP. Boo bloody hoo. So who's to blame? Who drew attention to them by making a big point of using tax payers money to organise counter-demonstrations? Who refused to allow the BNP a platform to expose their odious, ridiculous and unworkable policies? Who alienated the white working class male, their core voters? Whose fault is it that so many people are losing their jobs? Who insulted British workers, saying they were unskilled and lazy. Answers on a postcard to the BrownsLabour quiz. C/O 10 Downing Street.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will nobody rid us of this turbulent prat?

This is a very low point indeed, not just for this blogger but for the countries ( for there are four of us, ) as a whole. Never in the history of parliamentary politics has one man stood above all, smugly content to put himself before the people, his party, his friends and his family in the vain pursuit of his own personal glory. Gordon Brown is a vain, avaricious, cowardly, self obsessed, functionally inarticulate, bullying braggart. He is not only the worst person ever to hold the post of Prime Minister ( and First Lord of the Treasury), a role to which he was elected neither by party or by country. He is also the worst cabinet minister and the worst MP ever to hold office, he is utterly unfit for purpose, if there is nobody better to lead the Labour party, then God help the labour party and God help all of us. It must follow therefore that anybody not associated with this pathetically discredited (dis) organisation is better qualified to lead the country than anyone within it, fair enough!

The labour party is preparing itself for its worst nightmare, when Brown is forced constitutionally to face his worst nightmare, election by the people he has always held in the utmost contempt the party will face a pointy reckoning, the people of this country are indeed angry, furious even at parliaments disgraceful larceny, but they are more so at the ruination of their country. Last year the party suffered numerous electoral humiliations, the loss of Crewe and Nantwich stood out for the utterly crass nature of the campaign, particularly as the bye-election was brought about by the death of the redoubtable party stalwart Gwyneth Dunwoody, and the candidate was her own daughter. On Thursday the parties county councillors were turfed out en masse, as the country took the opportunity to give their verdict on Gordon Brown, they also had the opportunity to do likewise through the elections to the European parliament. ( As yet the results are not known but they should be humiliating to say the least.)

And yet on they go content to group themselves around their man, two potential leaders David Milliband and Alan Johnson have proven themselves unfit by their craven cowardice, the price they will pay will be far greater than the one they would have payed for showing backbone and wielding the knife, which may have saved their party and their political futures. Of those that quit James Purnell and Caroline " Bernie" Flint should live to fight another day, the latter undeservedly given her irritatingly sour demeanour and gormless performances on Question Time. Of the rest Jacqui Smith has no political future, some may live, some may die I could care less.

Of the great destroyer he continues to live among toadies and sycophants, listening to noone, trotting out his usual rehearsed lines we've heard before. He answers no questions and hides away from the ordinary people he so clearly despises, wickedly he glories in the financial chaos he has wrought with his greed and ineptitude, shirking the blame pointing at opponents as if it was their doing and reminding us how pleased he is at the suffering and poverty that he has overseen. I would say that for the good of the country, his party, his family and himself this sorry fool should depart forthwith. It would be the best outcome for what it is worth. If however He remains to the bitter end then so be it. I look forward to his unprecedented humiliation, and enjoying it. I look forward also to the utter destruction of the labour party, for allowing this caledonian clown to run riot. Frankly I hate You, I hate your lies, I hate your stupid political correctness. I despise you, I despise your dimwitted sense of entitlement, I despise your hatred of the English and your contempt for the working man. I hope your life does not become too dull not being able to order us plebs around any more, you are heading for third place but in time fourth and fifth are up for grabs. Take your regional quangos. your ID cards. your snooping and your czars, get stuffed and go to hell. As for Gordon Brown I would wish him dead but I like the idea of him growing old, despised and derided the man who took the whole rotting hulk with him. Good riddance.