Thursday, 25 December 2008


A very Merry Christmas to anyone reading this and thanks for the support. Feeling good and bearing up quite well in spite of the imminent axe.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Time to call time on the Met ?

By any standards its been a pretty dire year for the Metrop0litan Police. Having the Chief Constable told to sling His hook by the new mayor, Barry George, the Damian Green fiasco, A pretty damning jury verdict over Stockwell last week, The conviction of Robert Napper finally bringing a long overdue apology to the man they really never wanted to say sorry to, Colin Stagg. The latter opened the door for a particularly damning BBC "Crimewatch Special". The pursuit of Colin Stagg was the most disgraceful and monumental Mickey Mouse operation of all time, in spite of the fact that not a single shred of useful evidence existed, millions of pounds were spent on trying to bring Him down whilst Napper continued to rape and murder under the Mets noses. In one particularly farcical sequence an entire cafe in Hyde Park was taken over by undercover plods whilst the unfortunate chap listened to a bizarre "confession" from the strange but attractive woman who kept pestering Him. It was clear that the Keith Pedder and Co had forgotten all about real police work and gathering evidence and were completely in thrall to the wierd and sinister Paul Britton, quite popular with the media back in the 90's.

Now its apparent that the case against Stagg, entirely centred on a "psychological profile" drawn up by Britton after repeated offers of a shag failed to get a "confession", (which would have been worthless anyway,) was troubling many senior officers and lawyers. There were plenty of people knew that they were not going to impress any judge with this crap and so it proved. On the big day it took less than an hour to send the media scurrying to the phones, yes it was that long ago, and a frightened and angry Stagg to address the media. It is what followed that was frankly even more disgraceful.

Unhappy at their humiliation, the police colluded with certain elements of the media (Sun, Mirror, Star, Mail, Express, You get the drill,) to start a vicious campaign against Stagg which lasted until this year. It was soon clear to any rational person that the man was innocent and guilty of no worse than being a loner, there was no need for the police to wait 15 years to apologise, many in the media took the trouble to interview Him and realised that He was angry and bitter but harmless and quite pleasant, the Met waited until they no longer had any choice than to say sorry and that is the problem.

Forest Gate, Stephen Lawrence, Stockwell, Stagg, George and Green. A commisioner who needs to be told that He's long since lost public confidence, when the Met screw up they screw up big, the they take a giant shovel and start to dig, denial follows accusation follows cover up, enquiry follows enquiry, good money follows bad. It's time for some brave new thinking, the countrys oldest police force does not learn from its mistakes. There needs to be a new force that accounts for its actions and serves the capitals taxpayers, mistakes will always be made, its how You follow them up that counts.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fire Away Folks!

Alison O' Sullivan, Director Of Childrens Services, Kirklees District Council.
Salary £140,000, (unconfirmed.)

Cretins Of The Week

A magnificent performance by speaker "Gorbals Mick" Martin. His attept to throw the blame around was quite the most shameless spectacle since, well since the last time "Al Zymer" Skinner rose to speak.

Not to be outdone, Smiffy's increasingly deranged performances give the impression that She's lost the plot and is back at school claiming that someone bigger did it and ran away. It should be said that Her pathetic, whining and thouroughly disgraceful response to the kicking She recieved from the European Court of Human Rights proves that, wait for it, She is not fit to be in government, She is not fit to be a minister of the crown and She is not fit to be a member of the House of Commons.(Frankly She is not fit to be a human being.)

In the spirit of bi-partisanship I would also like to honour Muslim-baiter Philip Green (Con, Shipley) who felt that it was neccessary to criticise Russell Brands award for best stand-up at the British Comedy Awards, on the grounds that, well take a guess. Philip just get on with Your job, You've never seen His act, I doubt that You have even heard the offending (and offensive) calls. Frankly I think Frankie Boyle or Al Murray were more deserving but that's my opinion.

An Apology.

It appears I may have done Sharon "fat pay off imminent" Shoesmith an injustice in describing Her as a useless arrogant pie- chart making bat-faced harridan. It turns out She's also a fucking liar.

Has Anybody Ever Seen....?

A child being lifted out of poverty? Smug Liebour drone James Purnell just mentioned it, and I've noticed all the robot mongs comer out with it at some point when they are chanting the McBroonian creed. So, if You have witnessed the lifting of a child out of poverty, or if You know where I can see a child being lifted out of poverty, or perhaps You have documentary evidence of a child being lifted out of poverty, I'd like to hear from You.

Friday, 5 December 2008

People 1 McStasi 0

The European Court Of Human Rights does have its uses, particularly when it comes to crap governments trying to assert control by oppressive measures. People who have been found not guilty in a court of law have the right to be treated as not guilty by the police and public, not to have their DNA retained until the " next" crime they commit. The "government" is keen on treating us all as criminals, just waiting to have our crimes exposed or created, well this should spike them a little. Hopefully this should put the kybosh on any plans for a heinous national DNA database.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It Does Occur To Me

That Damian Green is guilty of the highest crime in the Liebour manual, telling the truth. Just remember what happened to David Kelly and Andrew Gilligan. I dont know what is more pathetic, that they actually thought this would work, or that half-witted fat trollope Smiffy whining feebly that this is all the Tories fault, ridiculous.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

No Need To Worry About The Nagging Element of Choice

It would seem that the talentless, inept, ridiculous, serial failure and complete joke Geoff "Buff" Hoon is so keen on another runway at the over subscribed Heathrow airport, He and the Supreme Being are cooking up a plan with The Spanish Airport Authority to by-pass parliament, in case those pesky MP's do their elected duty and send Him packing. McBroon has such a disregard for public opinion or the authority of parliament You do wonder what He's got in store in May 2010, when He will be required to go to the country.

"It is right not to have an election at this time when I'm getting on with the job...."

Why Aren't Serially Incompetent People Sacked ?

I was under the impression that bat-faced hag, pie-chart maker, and incompetent public servant Sharon "No Apology" Shoesmith had been summarily dismissed Yesterday, and frankly not before time. It appears She is in fact taking an extended holiday at tax-payers expense, which begs the question, what do You have to do wrong as against how little do You have to earn these days to be sacked? This is an insult to the Haringey tax-payers, many of whom are about to become unemployed through no fault of their own, and without a fat pay-off. It is also an insult to the children let down by her ineptitude.

It appears the lady is consulting m'learned friends in the hope of depriving the council coffers of a fat wedge, if the law isn't to be proved to be an ass, She will be told to get stuffed will she not?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Turds Of The Month (Part 2)

The utterly useless pie-chartist, Sharon Shoesmith, newly unemployed today, represents everything that is wrong with this country. Picking up a six figure salary, at tax-payers expense of course, no doubt to deliver centred solutions of some description. She proved not to give a toss about the one thing She was there to do, ensure the protection of at risk Children. Good riddance, although I'm sure Haringey Coouncil could find Her a new job, delivering clean bog solutions, preferably with Her head.

As for Childrens Secretary, oily Ed Balls, well it took Him long enough, no doubt the public outcry and the Daily Wades campaign got Him to act in the end. Can't really forget His two greasy early morning appearances on the BBC, using them to take cheap shots at Flashman, who had no right of reply, or that He did nothing until the public forced His hand. And He never has to use a door.

Cretins Of The Week.

A bit late and just as well, just saw Question Time last night and was treated to an exhibition of stunningly feeble ineptitude by Douglas Alexander, (Minister for something very important I am sure, but must confess I can't remember what.) I can't remember anyone, even "Buff" Hoon, giving such a limp performance since the terminally egregious "Bernie" Flint last appeared on there. Such desperation would be funny if He wasn't representing the government side, He was picked off easily by Gideon and pummelled senseless by the redoutable Julia Neuberger. You know it's getting desperate when Liebour politicians talk about the Tories because they don't have anything to offer themselves.

This takes the attention away from the remarkable misjudgement by Labourgraph duo, James Kirkup and Robert Winnett. Breaking the Damien Green story they said "However, the arrest of such a senior Conservative figure who hopes to become a Home Office minister will embarrass the opposition. He is now likely to face pressure to resign from the Tory front bench." Well erm... yes, quite.

I might also mention a little contribution from Lady Pollington Toynbee, something about 3 million unemployed not being so bad, 90% will still be working. Nice. ( If it's only 3 million that might constitute success.)

Oh, and the increasingly gormless Smiffy, worse than Blind Pew.